Flatbed and Heavy Haul

At FARGO we can haul your cargo no matter what the weight, size, quantity, machinery, vehicles, etc. Allow our expert team to direct you to the shipping methods which will get your cargo where it needs to be all while minimizing the time, energy, cost and hassle along the way. We have years of experience meeting our client's needs with reliable Flatbed & Heavy Haul service no matter the specifications of the job at hand.

Trust Your Truckload and LTL Flatbed Shipments to FARGO.

Flatbed Trucking serves the needs of customers transporting special equipment or material which are wide, over length, over-sized, overweight, or any combination thereof but can still legally move on the road without the need of special permits. A Flatbed Trucking service is ideal for manufacturing, construction sites, industrial or shipping points that have no available dock or require quick loading and unloading for projects with time sensitive schedules.

At FARGO Transportation we specialize in Flatbed Trucking and make sure that your cargo has the right sized tarps and proper tie downs so that it will be protected and ready for use at its destination. With Flatbed Trucking there is a variety of trailer types that are designed to fit the many needs required by different shipments either based on size or how they need to be loaded.
We supply:

  • Flatbeds
  • Roll tite and Curtain side
  • Stepdecks
  • Stretches
  • Double Drops

In addition, we can supply team service for any of your shipments that needs to have a expedited delivery.

Heavy Haul, Machinery, Over-sized and Overweight shipments

Heavy Haul shipments can pose special challenges for customers. Often times a shipment is both over-sized as well as overweight in nature and therefore may require special routing in order to travel only on the highways that permit vehicle weights that can accommodate them in the Canada and United States.
They may also require the purchase of special permits issued by the various governmental agencies, Provinces, States, and municipalities through which your shipment will travel.

The experienced team at FARGO Transportation has the knowledge and the required equipment that can handle your Heavy Haul trucking needs.

Heavy Haul Trucking Details

When a flatbed or stepdeck trailer is insufficient due to the shipment being too tall, wide or heavy, a heavy haul trucking method is your only option, equipment that may be required for heavy haul are:

  • Double Drops
  • Extendable Trailers
  • Removable Goosenecks (RGN)
  • Stretch Trailers
  • Trailers may be 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 13 and 20 axle

In Canada and U.S. a heavy haul is a truck tractor with an attached trailer that has an over sized or overweight object on it that exceeds the regular permit limits commonly associated with oversize or overweight cargo. Both the size and weight of a heavy haul are regulated by the jurisdiction the cargo is moving through and it varies province to province and state to state. An oversize load including tractor and trailer may exceed the standard legal dimensions of 13’6″ in height and 8’6″ in width with the proper permits. An overweight load must consist of a single unit to be shipped that will exceed the total legal gross weight of 80,000 lbs for the truck, trailer and cargo shipped.

Legal Requirements for Heavy Haul cargo

Knowing how to deal with the legal considerations, permits and the technical challenges of pulling a heavy haul load is crucial to having a successful oversized cargo shipment.

Canada and United States require that certain oversize loads need to have certified Pilot/Escort Vehicle Operators (P/EVO) to safely escort the over sized cargo from its beginning location to its final destination without any damage to the cargo, motorists, highways, roads, bridges, control devices, signs, wires, overhanging objects or property.

FARGO Transportation will manage the transportation of your heavy haul shipment from start to finish, including obtaining special permits for each Province and/or State – and county permits as needed, pilot cars or other escort vehicles and any additional equipment required to move your heavy haul load in a safe manner. Our team will arrange the logistics for even the most challenging shipments your company may need delivered in a safe, timely and cost competitive manner.

"FARGO Transportation is your Premier Heavy Haul Transportation Service".